Global Visa Migration is the one of the leading firm situated in New South Wales of Sydney, Australia. We are a team of consultants who are specialized in providing a professional visa services for various countries, which include USA, Canada, UK,  Australia, New Zealand and many more.

Our skilled and professional counselor look after all the requirements and ensures that all the documents are well-arranged as per the priority and are confined together with the application. A well-organized set of visa application decreases the work of the immigration officer who feels happy to look at it and review your application.

Our expert team works remotely to provide instant solutions to local,regional,interstate and overseas clients. Our team  have assisted many  families, individuals and business for  preparing applications by choosing right options for visa.

We, Global Visa Migration do understand that process of immigration are often tedious and cause anxiety and frustration for individuals. For that, we work very closely with our client and treat them at utmost respect and professional care.

We not only provide guidance for immigration and visas, but also provide travel arrangements from your country of residence to the destination country. We even help you in settling in the destination country.

With value of money and transparency in service Global Visa Migration is perfect package for you!





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“A huge thanks Global Visa Migration for all  their hard work and support in helping us to get our Canadian Visitor Visa! We are delighted that we get to stay in this beautiful Country.-Yousuff, Punjab”

“Thank you so much Global Visa for all your help in getting my Australian 457 Visa. To have my visa granted in short time is a long-awaited dream come true for me! – Jack “

“Very pleased, I chose to go with Global Visa Migration for helping me and my employer  with my RSMS visa. I would recommend Global Visa Migration, their knowledge and understanding of the system is wonderful and took all the stress out of the process. Thank you for everything! – Iqbal, Sydney”

“I just wanted to say how thrilled I am that I have my spouse visa and all thanks to Global Visa Migration and their hard work! – Berry”

“Best experience ever!!. Thank you so much to get done my visitor visa in short time. – Darren”

“Thank you so much for your advise and support during the entire process of my TSS visa – Amanpreet Singh”